Heat Up Latin America provides cullet system for 600 tpd Mexican furnace

Hotwork International subsidiary, Heat Up Latin America, had a successful heat up on a new 600TPD container glass furnace in Mexico, where an improved cullet filling method was introduced.

Customary methods of filling glass furnaces have not been wholly efficient, either cause glazing of the superstructure or lead to production delay.

One commonly known procedure is the standard cullet blowing – rapid but antecedent to complications due to dusting.

Another method is the water-cooled vibrating system, wherein dusting is minimised because the cullet is slowly vibrated into the furnace.

However, as this might have addressed the dusting problem, it is non-economical as it takes longer to fill the furnace compared to cullet blowing.

Heat Up Latin America applied a different method for cullet fill diminished dusting of about 90% and finished the entire process at a rate similar to a standard cullet blowing.

It precluded unnecessary expenses entailed by delayed production start.

The client has expressed satisfaction of the safety measures, equipment quality and functionality, and overall project performance exhibited by the Hotwork team.